You probably want me to skip to the good part, legit or a scam. Well, listen to what I have to say then you’ll deliver your answer in a lookup. The public likes is an instance of a PTC (paid to click) site like NEOBUX, TIME BUCKS, FAMILY CLIX… the list is interminable. At the sites, you are paid to click and view ads of companies and products. It is essentially a marketing scheme.

Public likes pay $0.1 per click, that is an equivalent of 10 kenyan shillings. For a starter account, you are ascribed with a daily 5 ads, that is $0.5 (Ksh.50) daily. The minimum payout is $25 (ksh. 2,500), so as a starter, for you to cash out you require to click all your ads daily for 50 days. For those not willing to wait for this long, you can upgrade to a Business Basic- 25 for 25 ads daily, where you will have to pay $45 (Ksh. 4,500) for the upgrade, this means that per day you will now make $2.5(Ksh. 250). There is also a Business Premium-50, for 50 ads daily, that is $140(Ksh. 14,000) to upgrade and make $5 (Ksh. 500) daily. Finally, there’s the Business Gold- 100 of 100 ads, upgrade costs $900 (Ksh. 90,000), then make $100 (Ksh 1,000) daily.

Enough with public likes, on the face of it, all other legit international PTC sites pay 0.01 or less to click and view advertisements, hitting our public likes friends the highest paying PTC site currently, suspicious or not? Public likes are actually paying for real. For a close to obscure reason, Public likes links are blocked in Facebook, you cannot share them, WHY? Are they the saviours to deliver us from the jaws of poverty? Is this why they are being shunned out like some Messiah, or are we being protected from them. From what I have learned is that the only time you actually view the ads is the first time you create an account, after that there’s a 403 error ( meaning that there’s forbidden access. Just snap and get along with it.

Why so many walls? What is yet to come into the igniter?

You’re paid, Right. Is it to tempt many more into the trap? Or is it in good heart.

I only trust that the next error is not an HTTP 504 once I load the public likes page, after millions of promising upgrades.

I think the response to your query rests in your intuition like a shot.